Friday, 21/9/2018 | 6:16 UTC-4
PARA – Philipsburg Amateur Radio Association

PARA Members Provide Communications Assistance

Amateur Radio operators provided backup communications assistance for the Black Moshannon 5K and 10K races.

PARA members, along with additional volunteers from Centre County ARES/RACES, provided alternative communications resources for race organizers at the annual Black Moshannon 5K and 10K Races on Memorial Day weekend.  Communications with cell phones within Black Moshannon State Park is spotty at best.  Many locations, including areas where the race is conducted, has no cell service at all.  This lack of cell service makes the amateur radio communications even more valuable than it otherwise would be.  Without our assistance there would be no way to summon help or communicate from locations on the course to the finish line area.

With our amateur radio assistance, the ambulance was dispatched for a runner that became overheated.  In this case it was not an overly serious situation, but it was treated with the same degree of urgency as any medical emergency would have been.  The ambulance crew was informed of the location and details about the situation as quickly as possible.

Many thanks to Dick Thompson K3BIE who organized the amateur communications effort for the race.  PARA volunteers included Dick K3BIE, Rich KB3QKR, John N3SPW and Darren KC3DWO.