444.750 Repeater Information

Repeater Specifications:
Repeater -- Motorola R100 with 25 watt final.
Duplexer -- Cellwave catalog number TDN7407A
Controller -- CAT200B
Antenna -- Homebrew project based on plans found here.
Coax -- 1/2" Hardline
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The Saga of Constructing the 444.750 Repeater

Posted 6-September-2008

On Friday evening the new antenna for the 444.750 repeater was installed at the Decatur Township repeater site. After struggling with the ˝ inch hardline for a while, we managed to get the connectors installed and plugged the repeater in. Everything fired up ok and it is working as planned.

The antenna crew consisted of Lou WB3AAI, Dave AA3EJ, Filip AB3HK, and John N3SPW. We were also assisted by Gary Gable of Paul Gable and Sons Electric in Kylertown. Gary brought a bucket truck and used it to install the antenna with.

Posted 30-August-2008

The 444.750 repeater is on the air from a temporary location at the N3SPW QTH in Kylertown.

Earlier today Mark K3ITG and Michele KB3PJA helped program the controller and test the machine. We are trying to arrange for the installation of the antenna at the Decatur Township, Clearfield County repeater site next weekend. As you'll recall, Lou KB3AAI constructed the antenna as a home-brew project. The repeater is a commercial Motorola R100 repeater. We have disabled the internal controller and installed a CAT200B controller which better serves our purposes. If you have a dual-band rig, please give it a try. The frequency is 444.750 and if a PL becomes necessary the PL would be 173.8. Currently the PL is turned off.

Posted 20-August-2008

Lou WB3AAI has completed construction of the antenna for the 444.750 repeater. This is a home-brew antenna based on designs found on the www.repeaterbuilder.com web site. After final tuning, the antenna will be installed at the repeater site. Hopefully this will occur before the end of August.

Posted 12-June-2008

The 444.750 frequency coordination has been approved by the Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council. This “initial coordination” allows for a six moth period in which to build the repeater.

Posted 26-March-2008

PARA’s application for a coordinated 70 cm band repeater frequency was denied by the Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council (WPRC). This happened because the WPRC changed the minimum repeater spacing standards and the new standards have not yet been published on the WPRC website. As a result, our application would have worked under the old standards, but does not work with the new standards. The new standards call for 120 mile separation between 70 cm band repeaters. Under the old standards, 100 miles was sufficient. This makes our proposed repeater short-spaced with a repeater in Pittsburgh PA at 102 miles.

To proceed, we were given a choice of either applying for a waiver between the affected repeaters or choosing a new frequency. A new frequency study based on the new repeater separation standards was conducted and a new frequency selected. After some e-mail exchanges with Joe K3RP (the WPRC Frequency Coordinator) he confirmed that, at first glance, our new frequency choice appears to fit the new standards. On 26-March-2008 a new application was mailed to WPRC for the frequency in question - 444.750. It will take about 60 days for the WPRC to act on this application, but based on what Joe K3RP said, it is expected to be approved.

Meanwhile the 440 band Motorola R100 repeater which PARA owns is sitting on the workbench awaiting word of which frequencies to program into it. The repeater is a DPL version meaning that an external CTCSS board is necessary to work with standard amateur radio equipment. The controller is a bit fancy compared to the one we installed on the 2-meter .43 machine. This one is a CAT 200B controller that talks to you, has built in remote base and link capabilities, and much more. Probably more than we needed, but hey - for an extra $20, why not?

All that’s necessary to finish this project is the coordinated frequency, an external CTCSS board, some coax, an antenna, and labor for programming the repeater. All totaled, this comes to an estimated $500. Already invested in this project is $580.

Posted 16-February-2008

A new 70 cm band repeater project is currently under construction for the Philipsburg area. The repeater will operate on 444.400+ and have an RF output of 25 watts. Most of the equipment is already on hand, but we still lack the antenna and feedline.

Repeater -- Motorola R100 with 25 watt final.
Duplexer -- Cellwave catalog number TDN7407A
Controller -- CAT200B
Antenna -- TBD
Coax -- TBD

Coordination of the frequency pair ahs been applied for through the Western PA Repeater Council. This repeater is expected to be operational by Summer 2008.

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