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Posted 6-June-2012

On Tuesday June 5, 2012 PARA members Dave AA3EJ and Filip AB3HK visited PARA's 146.640- repeater and installed a new audio delay board on the repeater controller. This new board is an add-on accessory for the repeater's CAT-200B controller. Its function is to delay the audio, but it also has the added effect of eliminating the static crash at the end of each transmission from a user of the system. Now all you hear at the end of transmission is the courtesy tone! The machine is sounding better than ever.

Thanks Dave and Filip for the effort on this improvement project.

Posted 5-February-2010

Following the efforts of Dave AA3EJ and Filip AB3HK, a battery back up power system has been installed on the .64 repeater. The system consists of a West mountain Radio Super Power Gate power controller and a 79 AH AGM gel cell battery. In the absence of utility power, the battery system automatically takes over and keeps the repeater on the air. When operating from utility power the power controller use a built in battery charger to keep the battery at full charge.

Also installed today was an Astron 35M power supply which was provided by Dave AA3EJ. This power supply replaces the borrowed power supply which we had been using. As of today, the .64 is operating entirely with club owned equipment.

Having a battery back up power system on the .64 repeater will be a real asset to PARA and hams in the local area. During an electrical outage we can now maintain our ability to communicate without missing a beat.

Posted 16-January-2010

A deal has been struck for PARA to purchase the Sinclair duplexers which we are currently using on the 146.640 repeater. These duplexer cans were recently re-tuned and should be trouble free for at least the next five years or so. The purchase price was $400. We will be paying this out of the PARA club account.

As you will recall, the .64 repeater had been operating with borrowed equipment for some time now. About two weeks ago we replaced the borrowed TX/RX RF deck with PARA owned equipment. This makes the process of finishing out the .64 with PARA owned equipment much easier. The only remaining issue is to replace the borrowed power supply. PARA officals will be watching on eHam for a deal and that too shall be taken care of soon.

Posted 14-January-2010

The 146.640 repeater FINALLY works the way it was suppose to! Earlier today the PARA antenna crew Dave AA3EJ and Filip AB3HK took down the temporary antenna they put up last week and replaced it with a new Comet GP-3 antenna. All indications are that the repeater is back up to the same coverage area it had before. The only remaining issue is that the audio level is a little low. With a little luck, this situation will be corrected on Sunday.

Thank you to Filip and Dave for putting the time and effort in to get the .64 back up and running. The weather today wasn't too bad temperature wise, but when they put up the temporary antenna last week it was around 20 degrees with a strong wind. They were certainly determined to get this done!

If you haven't given the .64 a try yet, please do so. We're anxious to get some reports so we can see how it is working from the Chester Hill Boro location. The PL is normally turned off, but if it becomes necessary, the correct tone would be 173.8 Hz.

Posted 10-January-2010

The 146.640 repeater is back on the air.

Filip AB3HK and Dave AA3EJ were at the repeater site today and installed a replacement antenna and feedline. Unfortunately the ladder they had on hand was not quite tall enough to reach the existing antenna, so they decided to mount the replacement antenna below the old antenna. The repeater's coverage will suffer as a result, but this is a temporary situation until the weather is a little more agreeable to antenna work. Can't say that I blame them. Considering that the temperature is 10 degrees outside, I'm just happy they got as much done as they did. Thanks guys, for a job well done.

Posted 25-November-2009

PARA officials have determined that the recent "deafness" of the .64 repeater are due to a fault in the repeater's duplexers. This is most likely a dirty contact within the cans and would be easy enough to service, but duplexers currently in use are borrowed equipment. It was decided that the best course of action would be to purchase our own duplexers and return the borrowed equipment to its owner. It is believed that replacing the duplexers will return this repeater to normal operating conditions. PARA officials are currently in negotiations to purchase a new set of duplexers. Information will be posted here as this project progresses.

Posted 20-August-2009

On Friday August 14, 2009 PARA Memebrs Filip AB3HK, Lou WB3AAI and Dave AA3EJ completed the installation of .64 repeater at its new home in the Chester Hill Boro building. The repeater is now fully functional from the new site.

Posted 2-August-2009

After being rained out on Friday July 31st, the PARA antenna crew made another attempt at installing the new 146.640 repeater antenna at the Chester Hill Boro building on Saturday August 1st. This time they were successful and the location is ready to go. Lou WB3AAI even wired into the power panel a circuit breaker and outlet for the repeater so the power source is solved. The coax is attached and is ready for the repeater. The contact person stopped by inspected the site and was VERY MUCH SURPRISED at the professional job done!

The next step will be to remove the existing .64 repeater from it's present site in Decatur Township and install it at the Chester Hill Boro building site.

Antenna Crew:
Filip AB3HK
Dave AA3EJ

Posted 12-May-2009

On May 12th the Chester Hill Boro Council approved a request by PARA officials which will result in the Philipsburg 146.640- repeater being relocated to the Chester Hill Boro building. Being at nearly the identical elevation as the existing .64 site, this move is expected to have minimal impact on the repeaterís coverage area. PARA initiated a search for a new repeater site due to RF interference at the existing .64 site. Attempts to track down the source of the interference were unsuccessful and it was decided to find a new location for the repeater.

PARA will be working with the Chester Hill Boro grounds crew to iron out the details of installing our antenna and equipment at the site. Details will be made available as the situation develops.

Posted 20-September-2008

The Philipsburg Amateur Radio Association returned the Philipsburg 146.640 repeater to the air earlier today. The repeater is a modified Motorola Micor with a NHRC controller installed and a set of Sinclair duplexers. All equipment is borrowed which will allow PARA some time to acquire its own equipemnt.

Posted 2-August-2008

Filip AB3HK, the PARA Repeater Trustee, has received official paperwork from the Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council. The transfer of the 146.640 repeater frequency coordination from Ed K3EDD to the Philipsburg Amateur Radio Association is now official.

As you may recall, we have made arrangements to borrow a complete repeater to use on the 146.640 frequency as a temporary measure. As soon as the equipment is tuned up and ready to go, we will transport it to the repeater site and install it.

Posted 19-June-2008

On June 7, 2008 Ed K3EDD, the owner of the 146.640 repeater in Philipsburg, and PARA officials agreed on a plan which will transfer the Philipsburg 146.640 frequency coordination and any remaining usable equipment over to the Philipsburg Amateur Radio Association.

The 146.640 repeater was originally constructed and placed into service by PARA on August 25, 1996. The repeater trustee was Dave Posmoga K3MGC, and the repeater carried the club's previous call sign KB3CLZ. In 2005 a club financial crisis, and lack of interest from club members at the time, forced PARA officials to consider alternatives for the continued maintenance and operation of the repeater. Ultimately it was decided to sell the repeater to Ed K3EDD.

As most area hams are aware, the .64 machine has had its share of problems over the years. The most prominent problem has been an ongoing noise problem. At times this rendered the machine virtually useless. For this reason, Ed K3EDD turned the machine off back in March and it has remained silent.

With the .64 repeater returning to PARA control, the club is now in a position incorporate the .64 repeater into the PARA network of repeaters. The other PARA repeaters include the 146.430 (Philipsburg) repeater which will soon be relocated to a mountain-top tower site and the 444.750 (Philipsburg) repeater which is expected to be operational by July 30, 2008.

PARA officials have made arrangements to borrow a complete repeater system through the end of 2008. Our only obligation was to purchase crystals for use in the borrowed repeater. This arrangement allows PARA to return the .64 machine to regular amateur use as well as provide the club with some time to consider equipment options. As soon as the crystals arrive and the borrowed repeater is tuned up, the .64 will be back on the air. This is expected to occour before July 30, 2008.

Check the www.philipsburg-ara.org web site for updates on this project.

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