Friday, 21/9/2018 | 6:38 UTC-4
PARA – Philipsburg Amateur Radio Association

Would you like to join PARA?  We’d love to have you!

Membership is open to all people with the details below:

Membership Classes

Full – Currently licensed amateur radio operator living within Center or Clearfield Counties.

Associate – Currently licensed amateur radio operators living outside Centre or Clearfield Counties or unlicensed individuals regardless of where they live.

Membership is Free, but…

Membership is free, but an annual donation of $25 is suggested. PARA operates three voice repeaters (two VHF and one UHF repeater), an EchoLink connection for “The Big .43 Repeater”, and sponsors the W3PHB-1 APRS digi-peater in Philipsburg. PARA also conducts various events during the year and in 2017 is once again participating in the Philipsburg Heritage Days festival with our special event station W3P.  As you might imagine, this takes more than a few dollars to keep the ball rolling. Donations for these projects, or general operating expenses, are appreciated but not required.

Term of Membership

Membership is for the current calendar year. All memberships expire on December 31st. Memberships must be renewed every calendar year by completing a membership application for the current year.

PARA Name Tags

Optional PARA name tags are available to members from the PARA official name tag vendor. You must be a current PARA member to order a name tag. Before producing any name tags, our vendor will compare the order against the published membership list on the PARA web site. If your name is not on the list, the order will be delayed while membership is confirmed.  Click here to order your name tag now.

The membership form

Click here for the Printable PARA Membership Form. (in PDF format)