PARA Members Help with Communications at Black Moshannon YMCA Mountain Bike Race

Posted 17-August-2012

For the third consecutive year PARA members, in cooperation with the Nittanty Amateur Radio Club and Centre County ARES / RACES provided communications for the Black Moshannon Mountain Bike Race. The race is a fund raising event for the Moshannon Valley YMCA and is held on some of the most rugged trails in Black Moshannon State Park, north of Philipsburg. The communications effort was coordinated by Carmine Prestia K3CWP, the Centre County ARES Emergency Coordinator.

Only one incident was reported during the race. A rider had lost balance and fallen on a trail. He was able to get back on his bike and finish the race, although a few bruises were received as a result of the fall.

Race organizers were very pleased with the communications efforts. One race official, Dave Dunlap. In an e-mail to K3CWP Dave said, ". . . I want to thank you and all your volunteers for all the work you put into the race yesterday. You all did a fantastic job and there is no way we could pull this off without your help. Having the radio contact is indispensable! We really hope you and your crew will be available for next year."

Link to Centre County ARES/RACES Information Blog article on the race: Centre County ARES/RACE Information Blog


Pre-race briefing conducted by Carmine Prestia K3CWP, Centre County ARES Emergency Coordinator.

The Bike Race Communications Crew.

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