PARA 2012 Christmas Banquet Plans Announced


Philipsburg Amateur Radio Association
2012 Christmas Banquet

Saturday, December 15, 2012

At the
Philipsburg Elks Lodge & Country Club
US Route 322 East
269 Country Club Lane
Philipsburg, PA

5:00 PM - Social Hour
6:00 PM - Dinner

We will have a private dining room all to ourselves. We will be ordering from their regular menu. This eliminates the need for us to collect money in advance and everyone can choose whatever they'd like for dinner. All we need to do is provide them with an accurate count of how many will be there so they can have the proper number of tables set up.

Reservations are due by December 3, 2012. All ham radio operators and their families are welcome.

For a copy of the 2012 PARA Christmas Banquet Reservation form, click here.

The winner of the PARA Ham of the Year award will be announced at the PARA Christmas Banquet. For more information click here.

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