PARA Members

Listed Alphabeticaly by Call Sign:

Name Call City State County
Dave AA3EJ Philipsburg PA Clearfield
Filip AB3HK Philipsburg PA Clearfield
Dick K3BIE Philipsburg PA Centre
Ed K3EDD Pleasant Gap PA Centre
Mark K3ITG Moshannon PA Centre
James K3JRW Clearfield PA Clearfield
Joe KB3CBN Philipsburg PA Centre
Rich KB3QKR Grassflat PA Clearfield
Steve KB3RCJ Philipsburg PA Centre
Ron N3CHX Royersford PA Montgomery
George N3HBJ Philipsburg PA Centre
Justin N3OG Clearfield PA Clearfield
Jim N3ONE Philipsburg PA Centre
John N3SPW Kylertown PA Clearfield
Bernard W3BAR Osceola Mills PA Clearfield
Scott W3EOD Curwensville PA Clearfield
Paul W3PRL Grampian PA Clearfield
Jerry WA3GFL Osceola Mills PA Clearfield
Harold WA3NRC Clearfield PA Clearfield
Lou WB3AAI Sandy Ridge PA Centre
Gary No Call Philipsburg PA Centre
Elaine No Call Galitizn PA Cambria

Silent Keys

Name Call City State SK Date
Boyd Houck W3CDR Philipsburg PA December 21 2008
Dave Posmoga K3MGC Morrisdale PA January 31 2012

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