PARA's N3SPW Named WPA N2 District Emergency Coordinator


On April 24, 2011 one of PARA's own was appointed to the position of North 2 District Emergency Coordinator (DEC) in the Western Pennsylvania Section for the Amateur Radio Emergency Service. John Szwarc N3SPW was appointed to this position by the WPA Section Emergency Coordinator Larry Keller AB3ER with the approval of the WPA Section Manager John Rodger N3MSE.

In addition to this new appointment, John N3SPW also holds the position of Assistant Director in the Atlantic Division of the ARRL, as well as serving PARA in the capacity of Secretary. Previously John had held the position of Clearfield County ARES Emergency Coordinator as well as WPA Section Emergency Coordinator.

“I'm looking forward to getting my feet on the ground in this new role as N2 DEC. It's a challenge, but I have complete faith in the ham radio operators in the ARES organization here in Western Pennsylvania.”



John N3SPW. (Photo by W3PRL)

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