PARA Resumes Publication of
Club Newsletter

Posted 18-June-2011

After a 17 month hiatus PARA officials have decided it was time to bring back the club newsletter. Publication of the PARA News newsletter was stopped in March 2010 when PARA decided to participate with the Parasitic Emission newsletter which is distributed exclusively by e-mail. All PARA members who have provided an e-mail address have been receiving Parasitic Emission in place of a PARA club newsletter. Parasitic Emission is published by Joe W3BC and covers a variety of clubs from within Central Pennsylvania.

Having seen the content of Parasitic Emission for more than a year, PARA officials felt that it is largely focused on one club and not as much of an inter-club newsletter as was hoped. In addition, PARA members who do not use e-mail were not receiving any communication from the club. This makes it difficult for memberswho do not use email to feel involved in club projects and activities.

PARA will continue to provide selected information to Parasitic Emission for publication, but we will no longer be depending on it to be the exclusive newsletter for PARA members.

The first issue of the PARA Connections was mailed on June 29th to all current PARA members. To see an archived electronic copy click here.

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