PARA 2011 Club Officers


At the first club meeting of 2011 PARA elected a new slate of club officers. The term of office is one year and was effective with the conclusion of the January meeting. While some elected posions remainsed the same, others changed.

PARA 2011 Officers

President Dave Runk AA3EJ
Vice President Filp Cerny AB3HK
Secretary John Szwarc N3SPW
Treasurer Jim Warg N3ONE
VE Team Leader Joe Howe KB3CBN
Inter-Club Liaison Dick Thompson K3BIE

Pictured from left to right are John N3SPW Secretary, Dave AA3EJ President, Jim N3ONE Treasurer, Joe KB3CBN VE Team Leader, Filip AB3HK Vice-President/Net Manager, Dick K3BIE Inter-Club Liaison.

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