PARA's Home-Brewed D-STAR Compatible Repeater


On Sunday March 10, 2013 The Philipsburg Amateur Radio Association (PARA) placed into service a new home-brewed D-STAR compatible repeater in Kylertown, Clearfield County. The repeater was built around a GE Mastr II transceiver and a MoenComm GMSK node adaptor board. The system is connected to a computer which provides gateway access to other D-STAR repeaters (Icom factory produced or home-brewed) on the IRCddb D-STAR network. The entire system is operated by the Free-Star software package which runs on the CentOS Linux operating system. Free-Star is a vendor natural approach to digital communications for amateur radio.

Supported modes include digital voice, slow-speed data and DPRS (the digital version of APRS). The repeater is on 147.255+ MHz and uses the call sign W3PHB _ _ C. The gateway can be accessed by placing the call sign W3PHB _ _ G in the RPT2 field.

This is the first of several D-STAR compatible repeaters PARA intends to deploy at different locations in the Central Pennsylvania region. The second repeater will be a 70 cm band version and is already on the workbench.

System Links:
W3PHB Dashboard.
IRCddb Network W3PHB Last Heard.

To learn more about D-STAR, click here.

To program your D-STAR compatible radio, click here for the Digital Voice User Guide

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