PARA Helps Out at the
2011 Black Moshannon 5K and 10K Race

Posted 28-May-2011

On May 28th 2011 PARA members once again provided communications assistance at the Black Moshannon 5K & 10 K Race/Walk. This event is held at Black Moshannon State Park and is a fundraising effort of the Moshannon Valley YMCA in Philipsburg.

Ham radio volunteers helping out at the race included Bernie Ropchock W3BAR, John Szwarc N3SPW, Rich Brnik KB3QKR, Jim Zuhlke KF3EA and Dick Thompson K3BIE. The ham radio volunteers were stationed at various locations along the route. In addition to providing communications, they also called out runners elapsed time as they passed by. This helps the runners pace themselves as they progress through the course.

Both the 5 kilometer and the 10 kilometer races started at precisely the same time, but from different locations within the park. Radio communications was the only way to coordinate the starting time. Cellular telephone service in the park is largely unavailable due to the rugged terrain. This makes the communications assistance provided by amateur radio essential for race organizers to successfully coordinate this event.


Pictured left to right are Bernie W3BAR, John N3SPW, Rich KB3QKR, John, Jim KF3EA, Dick K3BIE, and Frances Thompson.

Racers assembled and ready to start.

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